More Isn’t {Always} Better

Currently, I’m training for the New York City Marathon and California International Marathon. I’m further ahead in my training than I have ever been. I’m as strong as last year when I ran a 3:33 in the Minneapolis marathon. I have 12 weeks until NYC and if I’m lucky I’ll PR. But…I might reduce my training… Continue Reading

Minimal is Always Better

I go through times where the last thing I think about is productivity. It’s all action, move, faster, do more. This isn’t necessarily good or bad, but it’s a fact of my life. With that said, my core always reels me back into the minimalistic lifestyle.The Minimalist PathYears ago, I started and eventually sold a site titled… Continue Reading

Why Read This?

Many sports fans claim to just root for “the laundry” aka the team and not the players. I think most sports fans don’t realize they actually root more for the players than they think.John, the starting quarterback, suffered a torn ACL two years ago, battled back through rehab, returned to the team half way through… Continue Reading