Minimal is Always Better

I go through times where the last thing I think about is productivity. It’s all action, move, faster, do more. 

This isn’t necessarily good or bad, but it’s a fact of my life. 

With that said, my core always reels me back into the minimalistic lifestyle.

The Minimalist Path

Years ago, I started and eventually sold a site titled The Minimalist Path. It was a successful venture that brought even more focus into the simplistic ways that I developed. 

Though I haven’t run that venture in 7 years, it was a foundation for my mature perspective on what truly matters and what brings focus into my life.

Lately, I have found myself on this path again. I scour Instagram and Pinterest for simplistic, minimalistic designs and ideas. I daydream about clean simple lines, fewer items that have more purpose, and revamping everything to bring about control.


Recently, I overhauled this online home base of mine to be just that. Focus solely on the topic rather than building with surrounding fluff.

I’m doing the same in my physical life as well. 

With two boys running around destroying everything, I constantly am thinking of ways to design a simplistic environment that has my family and myself more focused on being present and active versus cluttered, physically and mentally.

Designing the physical world significantly impacts my mental world.

We often become scattered trying to place enough buckets to catch the water dripping from the ceiling instead of spending the time fixing the roof. The sooner we patch the roof, the sooner we switch the negative compounding impact into a positive one.

What You Can Do

I know you are thinking I’m some weird hippie. I’m not.

You’re probably thinking you already live a minimalist life and/or you love everything you own and it all has a purpose.

Challenge yourself though. 

Right now, walk around your office or room or home and get rid of one thing. It doesn’t have to be huge. Look for an opportunity to simplify your life. 

This isn’t some life altering change. It’s just a step. A step that might lead you towards realizing your life is cluttered in more ways than one.

I’m no savant as I find myself among the clutter often, but I have found the more frequent I return to the minimalist path, the sooner I find that focus in all of life’s avenues.

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