More Isn’t {Always} Better

Currently, I’m training for the New York City Marathon and California International Marathon. I’m further ahead in my training than I have ever been. I’m as strong as last year when I ran a 3:33 in the Minneapolis marathon. I have 12 weeks until NYC and if I’m lucky I’ll PR. 

But…I might reduce my training mileage by 20%.

Don’t Fuck w/ What Works

There’s a capacity on everything. There is no unlimited and there is no endless when it comes to goals and preparation.

I know you’re saying, “I can do it all. I can do everything no matter what anyone says!”

Ok. Got it, Superman.

I’m not saying you can’t and should try to achieve all of your dreams and goals.

What I’m getting at is sometimes we hit the top of the bell curve expecting the same returns when the road ahead is a net negative.

My training was amazing a few weeks ago. I was running sub-7:20 miles for 15 miles which are quite fast for my 194 lb, 6’1″ frame. I was consistently running 32-40 miles per week.

Then, I upped the mileage to 40-45 miles per week and I started plateauing at 7:30-7:40 pace.

I will add that I sleep 6.5 hours per night and wake at 3:41 am Monday through Thursday. I hit the gym by 4:10 and rotate an upper and lower body routine. That’s on top of the running mileage and chasing my two boys. 

Needless to say, my schedule is a bit crazy.

In prior years, I marathon trained a max of 40 miles in a week with most falling in the 30-mile range. I have PR’ed the marathon four times in a row now.

Everything has been working fine so why did I fuck with it?!

I have a major running-life goal that is going to take plenty more mileage at much faster pace. So, I’ve added mileage accordingly. 

More mileage should equal better results. However, this isn’t {always} the case.

My 30-40 mile range was quality work 95% of the time. That has dropped to about 85-90% of the time hitting 45 miles per week.

More mileage is not better. At least not right now.

Fuck w/ What Works

What am I going to do? 

I’m going to push through with 45 miles per week. However, I’m so far out from race day and I’ve worked fairly hard for the last 3 months, that I’m going to regroup for two weeks. I’ll kick the mileage back to 30/week to recover.

I still think that we have to listen to ourselves and know our limits. Otherwise, we burn out and that negatively impacts those efforts as well as our motivation to tackle other things. 

It’s a matter of being honest with ourselves.

Go out and fuck with your norm and your comfort. Fuck with what works to see if there is actually a better approach you were ignoring. 
With that said, there’s nothing wrong with reeling in the effort to keep moving in the right direction.

Determining What More is Better

This post may have started out as a downer. I’m realizing that now.

I’m not killing dreams. I’m not killing the pursuit. I’m not killing hustling.

All I’m trying to do is emphasize evaluation.

Often, we get the ball rolling and then feel like we can’t stop it or we will fuck everything up. 

More often than not, our burnout is a reflection of our failure to listen to what’s actually going on in the market, our physical and mental being, and/or environment.

A momentary pause ensures that the more we are implementing is actually for the better.

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