Why Read This?

Many sports fans claim to just root for “the laundry” aka the team and not the players. I think most sports fans don’t realize they actually root more for the players than they think.

John, the starting quarterback, suffered a torn ACL two years ago, battled back through rehab, returned to the team half way through last season and carried the team to the playoffs.

The fans, subconsciously or not, love the player’s journey far more than the playoff result.

They love telling stories over and over again about the process, the character. Old men sit in coffee shops in Texas talking about, “That one kid John. I always knew he was tough. He worked for me all summer in high school. He was a great kid and I knew when he tore his ACL, he’d come back stronger than ever.” 


#InstaRunners is a hashtag many runners follow on Instagram. Runners share everything from day one of training to crossing the finish line.

When people search that hashtag, they end up following runners who are in the middle of their journey. Sure, they might congratulate the runner’s just finishing, but they are invested in those they follow who are 3 months out from their goal.

Seeing someone successful is one thing. Following their path and subsequent success is far more valuable to the outside party. They are invested in that success.

My goal is to 1) succeed at my goals and 2) share my journey to success.

My hope is that the journey is enjoyable to you and you can learn from it. Some days, you’ll relate. Others, not as much. However, even when you might not relate, the overarching journey is what you might want to be invested in.

I’m not trying to sell you on sticking around for my journey. I’m just being honest that others following along with my journey is part of what I enjoy and what I hope you stick around for.

Why Read This?

I like to push myself and achieve more. 

For some, I might inspire and others, I might provide an outlet.

You might enjoy a story, a lesson, or the overarching journey.

Reading this, most importantly, will provide you something of applicable value at least every few articles.

I hope you continue to enjoy my journey and can apply to your own.

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